What's Wrong With This?

Some of you might have noticed this incorrect image already if you receive our monthly newsletter. We made an infection control mistake in one of our images (you can sign up for monthly Practice Tips at the bottom of the page).

A subscriber noticed this oopsies and it has inspired us to create a new segment of the blog called: What's Wrong With This? We will show you an image that isn't quite right and you will find what is wrong with it. Pretty simple right? Let's see if you can get this first one correct:

Let us help you out a little if you haven't figured it out yet. HINT: In our most recent issue of Practice Tips, we discussed the importance of instrument pre-cleaning as part of the sterilization process. We show a number of bagged instruments included some hinged instruments. Now do you see it?

Observant Practice Tips subscriber, Karen L. noticed the error in the photo first. She pointed out that the instruments are shown closed. Of course, hinged instruments should always be sterilized open so that all surfaces can be subjected to the conditions that will render them sterile. This is a common infection control mistake in the infection control process. Thanks for pointing this out, Karen!

We hope you enjoyed this new American Dental segment. Our dental technicians get a ton of images from our customers that are needing help and sometimes the best way to show us your issues are with a photograph. Feel free to e-mail us your images (techtips@amerdental.com) for our input.

Watch for more issues of More What is Wrong With This? on our blog!


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