Tooth Removal With a #301 Elevator

Here at American Dental we like to get to know the dentists that depend on us for our products and our services. One of these dentists is Dr. J Tommy Murph. Throughout the years, we've tried to support the great mission work being done in Guatemala by DDS Seminars and their attendees through donations and other assistance with equipment and logistics.

Unlike other posts in the past, this video is going to show what you as dentists do on a regular basis. In the video, Dr. Murph is demonstrating a quick extraction using the American Dental Accessories 301 elevator (#43-301). Dr. Murph is one of the two primary instructors for DDS Seminars. His classes teach extractions and provides other dentists with hands-on exodontia in Guatemala.

You can check out Dr. Murph's work or sign up for an open slot for the upcoming January CE course at

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