Practice Tips #1: What Is "Practice Tips"?

ANSWER: Your Gateway to minimizing downtime, decreasing costs & gaining more independence.

Welcome to the first volume of “Practice Tips”, American Dental Accessories' monthly newsletter of hints, tips, and helpful information for maintaining and repairing your equipment.

In the coming volumes we hope to provide a valuable resource of information for you and your practice. These newsletters will be covering everything from Air/Water syringes to X-Ray processors (we encourage topic suggestions as well). We will discuss maintenance, repairs and service that you or your assistants can easily accomplish.

The information we provide will be useful to novices and veterans alike. It is not our intention to convert every dentist to a dental technician, but to provide you with basic information and techniques that you can use in your practice to increase efficiency and lower costs.

Why "Practice Tips"?

The information we will provide can allow you to perform simple repairs on your own, saving equipment down time and costly service calls. Additionally, it will increase your familiarity with your equipment so you can get the most value when you do need to make a service call. Having a more thorough preliminary diagnosis will help avoid repeat service calls, incorrect parts, and further down time. Furthermore, you will be able to make an informed decision about when a service call is truly necessary.

We will also be providing maintenance tips and suggestions; naturally, proper maintenance can go a long way towards avoiding costly break-downs and subsequent repairs.

American Dental Accessories' ultimate goal with this newsletter is increasing your bottom line.


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