Operatory Lights Q & A

  • My Marus overhead light is acting up and the light will dim for a short time and then return to normal output. It will continue to do this during use and on all light settings. What is going on with my light?

    It is possible that the wires in the light arm are starting to go and will need a new wire harness. Another possibility could be the bulb. Are the pins on the lamp itself showing signs of arcing or burning? If so, replace the lamp and the socket. You can test whether or not the socket is working properly by using a multimeter.

  • The light on my overhead Pelton & Crane stopped working. The bulb doesn't appear to be burnt out. It wasn't switching on, but it turned on today. What caused this to happen?

    Your problem sounds like a light socket issue. To check this, use a multi-meter. Other faulty parts could be the power switch, wire harness, or transformer.

  • How do I change the bulb on my Belmont Excalibur operating light?

    Pull the bulb out of the back of the unit. Remove any screws holding the back cover on. Under the cover will be a black spring clip (it will appear like a knob). Give that a 1/4 turn to remove this spring and then pull out the bulb (the bulb will have a single wire attached to it). The wire has a connector that can be pulled apart for removing the bulb. Reverse the process to insert the new bulb. When replacing any part from your equipment, remember how you disassembled it and take photographs to remind you what to do and how it looked when put together.