Handpiece Repair

Repairing your high-speed or slow-speed handpieces doesn't have to be confusing or difficult to do. American Dental has a ton of tools at our disposal that will help you in understanding your handpiece and what needs to be done to get your handpiece up to speed again. More than likely, you are experiencing an issue we get all the time. Because of this, we have come up with Practice Tips to aid your repairing needs (Practice Tips Archive), as well frequently asked questions asked by customers like you (Q & A Page). 

If you don't find assistance in our Practice Tips or Q & A pages, please give us a call to talk to one of our helpful technicians. If you are told to send it in, please follow the instructions below:

  1. We will send you a pick-up ticket. Please fill out the form and include it with your handpiece.
  2. Send in your handpiece to: American Dental Accessories, 7310 Oxford St., Minneapolis, MN 55426. Make sure to include your repair information in the package. If you got rid of the form, please print it off HERE.
  3. Our technician will take a look at it and will contact you with our solution(s).