Practice Tips #54: Proper Denture Care

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts some patients become edentulous when it comes to proper denture care. After undertaking the time and effort to create a functional appliance, you want your patient to have the necessary information to care for their appliance properly. And to get the longest life out of it.

This month, we’re posting a copy of the patient instructions that come with our denture care kits. These instructions tell patients how to properly care for their appliance and keep it clean.

Instructions & Tips:

Your dentures are fragile, handle them with care. While handling the denture, stand over a folded towel or hold them over a sink filled with water. This helps if they are dropped and protect them from damage.

  • Brush and rinse your dentures daily. We recommend a soft bristle brush designed for cleaning dentures. Hard bristle brushes can damage the plastic or bend metal parts. Hand soap, mild dish soap, and specifically designed denture cleaners are recommended. The use of an ultrasonic cleaner also helps.
  • Keep your dentures moist when not in use. This stops them from drying out and losing their shape. Also keep them immersed in a denture cleanser soaking solution or water. Do not use hot water, as this causes the dentures to warp. If your denture has metal parts that tarnish, check with your dentist on proper storage methods.
  • NEVER attempt to adjust or repair your dentures. This could lead to permanent damage to the denture. In the event that the denture breaks, cracks, chips, or a tooth comes loose, contact your dentist. Most repairs happen the same day.

You can download a pdf version of these instructions on our website. Feel free to print it out to give to your patients.

Denture Kit

Our denture care kits include these instructions, as well as a denture case, cleaning brush, and cleaning tablets. Give these to your patients with their new appliance. With our kits, assure your patients with the proper tools and information to provide proper denture care.


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