Practice Tips #44: Diagnosing & Repairing a Statim® Sterilizer With A Steam Leak- Video

This month in Practice Tips we’ve got a video showing diagnosis and repair of a Statim sterilizer with a steam leak. When diagnosing any problems, it’s best to start with a physical inspection of the components to look for obvious signs of trouble as our techs do here. You can see the methodical step-wise approach to take whenever trouble shooting.

As it turns out, the problem was simply a worn, bad, or improperly installed cassette seal. Our techs were unable to make a definitive determination but replacing the seal did correct the problem. The simplest things are often a great starting point if using process of elimination to diagnose (sometimes, all one can do).

This demonstration shows the proper method of replacing a Statim cassette seal as well as the importance of lubricating the seal when installing. It may have simply been lack of lubrication that lead to the failure of the original seal (our techs were never able to make a definitive conclusion- but this is something to keep in mind).

Lubricating the cassette seal or door gasket of your sterilizer (as applicable) should be part of your routine maintenance. See previous issues of Practice Tips for more information on trouble shooting and repairing the Statim or other sterilizers.

Can’t see the video? You can also view this video on our blog or Youtube.


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