Unintended Dental Exam Glove Durability Test

Often times, we find out about the durability of our products in strange ways.

I like to wear our dental exam gloves while I am doing Air Techniques Peri Pro Transport Rack refurbishing.  The film transports sit in chemicals and I wear the latex free gloves so that I am not in direct contact with the chemical residue left on the racks.

One day, as I was working on a transport, I realized I needed a tool that I did not have with me.  Upon entering the room where the tool was, my glove got caught on a screw on the door.  The glove stretched about 3 feet before I had realized I was caught and then suddenly the glove came snapping back.

While that experience woke me up, I realized upon looking at the nitrile glove that it had not ripped a hole where it had been caught on the screw.  Pretty durable if you ask me.

If you’d like to try a free sample of our dental exam gloves, please call one of our friendly representatives at 800-331-7993 and choose from any the styles we are offering.



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