Practice Tips #11: Types of Delivery Unit Holders

Delivery Unit Holders

Most delivery units, dental carts, and assistant’s stations today employ different types of accessory holders. These holders are an integral part of dental work and invaluable in providing proper dental care. The holders available today are varied, and come in many different configurations to fit your needs.

Which Size: 5/8" or 7/8"?

Typically, most holders will break down into two sizes which are identifiable by the size of their openings. The 5/8" opening is the most common. It provides support for saliva ejectors, handpieces, syringes, and high volume evacuators held by the tip of the valve. The second style employs a 7/8" opening. It secures high volume evacuation valves held by the tubing connector or base of the valve.

Holder Types:

The methods by which to secure these holders to your dental equipment vary as well. A common method has the holders attach to a 1/2" bar on a delivery unit or a similar style cart. These holders, which have a 1/2" notch molded into the back of them. Slip over the bar and secure in place by one to two set screws, which fasten the holder to the bar.

Another type of holder attachment sees the holder attached by machine screws, to a block designed to secure the holder in position. The block is typically just a formed piece of plastic or metal, designed to hold the holder in position, relative to the holder’s size. The block also provides threaded holes to attach the holders with provided hardware, typically machine screws. Usually, these holders attach through a hole in the front or one to two screw holes through the back. Mount the mounting block to a flat surface or delivery unit. These types of holders are only usable with the use of the mounting block, and attempts to try and mount them to flat surfaces without the block will prove unsuccessful.

A final type of holder, the air activated handpiece holder, is more specific in design. These holders include an air activated valve mounted in the body of the holder, which activates the handpiece when it is removed. These holders are 5/8", and can be mounted in any of the styles discussed above.


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