Quick Tip Tuesday #81: Sterilizers

Dental practices come in all sizes and specialties. You could have two operatories or you could have fifteen set-up stations. The size and quantity of patients per day will directly affect the type of dental equipment you have or the amount of supplies you will need to order on a regular basis. This dentist asked this about their sterilizer:

Here at American Dental Accessories, we take pride in our repair services. We have quite a few sterilizer parts to choose from and will help you figure out what is going wrong when your sterilizer goes down. We can even take a look at your sterilizer and repair most things by one of our dental technicians. Having at least two autoclaves is highly suggested, just in case one of them is out of service while being fixed.

If your sterilizer has door gasket issues, check out our Practice Tip #93 to see where you might be going wrong. Perhaps there is a steam leak, we have a video showing how to check for the signs. Search our archive for more helpful links on dental equipment assistance.


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