Quick Tip Tuesday #76: Delivery Units

Choices, choices, choices. Hopefully at this point in your career, you know how you want your dental office to function and you know the brands you like to use. Perhaps you might want to switch things up a bit and upgrade your delivery unit or operatory chair. Whatever you choose in your practice, your dental equipment and furniture need to be functional and make your job easier. This dentist asked us this:

Your delivery unit can be modified to suit your needs. If you are wanting a self contained system, you can add that. If you want to be cost effective when designing your operatory set-up, you can let us help you. We have access to thousands of products that can help achieve your dream dental office. Let us know if you need help picking out the right central vacuum unit or compressor. We will also assist you in repairing any of those items. Good luck with designing your practice, we can't wait to help you out!


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