Product Spotlight: Zirc Mr. Thirsty One-Step

Mr. Thirsty One-Step is a hands-free isolation and evacuation device that needs no assembly or additional parts. It simply inserts into any HVE valve and is ready to use. It has a built-in bite block that will comfortably hold the patient’s mouth open, retract the tongue, and protect the cheek, while providing continuous high volume suction.

Shown: Mr. Thirsty Trial Kit (#42-56)

It is invaluable for ultrasonic scaling and when applying sealants. It becomes an assistant to the hygienists by retracting the tongue, holding the mirror for indirect vision, and while using an ultrasonic scaler. It also maintains a dry field while placing sealants. An added bonus is that it comes in a couple of sizes, but can be trimmed to fit the patient’s mouth. Mr. Thirsty, like a skilled assistant, is there to retract tissue, provide suction, and most importantly — keeping the patient safe and comfortable.  

This device will free up the assistant to take care of the many operatory tasks, such as patient education, post-op instructions, taking and pouring impressions, fabricating bleach trays, retainers, mouthguards, and temporary crowns. As assistants chart, take radiographs, prepare materials, and provide fluoride treatments, they also deal with room turn over, sterilization, equipment maintenance, inventory management, and more. Mr. Thirsty will allow the doctor to prep a tooth alone, while freeing up the assistant for their other duties. This will also allow them to start and finish procedures, while the dentist works in another operatory room.

Everyone will benefit with Mr. Thirsty by reducing chair time by up to 29% — adding revenue and increasing efficiency on a daily basis.


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