Practice Tip #92: Rebuild the Dryer/Heater on a Peri Pro Film Processor

Learn how to completely rebuild the Peri Pro ® film processor dryer/heater section in as little as 10 minutes, saving you a service call and downtime.

Products mentioned in the video includes: thermal fuse, terminal bushing, and dryer/heater assembly.

Resources for Peri Pro ® Users:

  • [DOWNLOAD] Peri Pro® I,II, and III exploded views to help you identify parts
  • [VIDEO] Learn how to quickly re-align your film transport rack
  • [VIDEO] Learn how to replace the film transport rack shutter extension spring
  • [PRACTICE TIP] Learn how to troubleshoot your film transport rack

Remember to take a photo prior to your dryer assembly repair to make sure your new installation was done correctly.

If you have trouble viewing this video, watch it on YouTube. For tips on how to install an extension spring on a Peri Pro film processor transport rack, read Practice Tips #87.


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