Practice Tips #79: Let's Talk About Folding Rigid Arms

We are always trying to find ways to help your practice become more efficient without spending a lot of money and time. One item that will prove beneficial is a folding arm section. They are a versatile, economic and space saving alternative for mounting equipment, trays and shelves in your dental operatory space.

A folding rigid arm section is a straight arm that has a standardized 1/2” diameter pin on one end and 1/2” diameter hole on the other (see image below). The 1/2” diameter hole allows the arms to be stacked onto each other to add length. The use of a plastic washer between each of the arm sections ensures smooth movement between the arms and avoids scratching them.

Folding arm sections typically come in lengths between 6 - 16 inches and allow the user to create a mounting solution that can be highly specific to their needs. The ability to fold the arms in upon themselves makes them convenient to push out of the way when you are finished working with a piece of equipment or setup tray.

Assistant Arm w/Vacuum Canister: #08-97

Holder Bar Tray w/Mounting Pin, 16" arm, and wall bracket: #08-94, #08-62, and #08-73.

It is often an overlooked solution when mounting delivery systems or your assistant’s vacuum station (see below for an example) if you have limited space. Folding arm sections also eliminate vertical drift associated with traditional pneumatic arms and they are a fraction of the price of a replacement pneumatic arm.

Vacuum Collection Station: #08-370

There are brackets available to mount the arms in pretty much any way you can imagine: on a wall (#08-73), to a table top (#08-75), or to a pole (#08-79 2" pole mount - other sizes are available). These brackets will either include the standardized 1/2” diameter pin or the 1/2” diameter hole so that they can easily be used in conjunction with the folding arms and other accessories (like the holder brackets shown above that hold the suction and syringe).

As you can see, there are plenty of handy uses for these inexpensive, space saving folding arm sections and they can become invaluable additions to your operatory.


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