Polaroid's Keren HD Digital Sensors have arrived at American Dental

With a name like Polaroid, there is no need to introduce them, but we are too excited not to share their new dental imaging product line: the Keren HD Intraoral Sensors!


Keren HD sensors are available in size #1 and size #2. They are designed for comfort with a slim profile. You'll achieve superior image quality with a resolution of 25 lp/mm and CMOS sensor technology.

Here is the best part! Don't have imaging software? Don't worry! This cost-effective package comes with Polaroid's own software at no additional cost. Polaroid will assist you in seamlessly bridging your favorite Practice Management Software (PMS) via a free remote installation. The TrollByte Kimera positioning system tops things off for a complete sensor package that will have everything you need for high-quality x-ray images!

Perhaps you need a new intra oral camera to go with your new sensors. Polaroid has that covered too (see #82-400).

For more information, please speak with one of our friendly equipment specialists at 1-800-331-7993.


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