Mouthguards Critical to Avoiding Injury

A recent Delta Dental survey shows that many children are participating in high-risk sports without the protection of a mouthguard.

Studies have shown that mouthguards can greatly reduce the risk of injury -- not only to the dentition, but also reduce the risk of concussion. A pressure-formed mouthguard provides superior fit and function to a "boil-and-bite" guard purchased over-the-counter. A custom formed appliance will not only stay in place better, but will allow for better breathing enhancing comfort and performance.

American Dental Accessories offers a complete line of mouthguard materials as well as a vacuum former and pressure dome which allows the fabrication of custom laminates for the highest-quality appliance and often with enhanced aesthetics as well (see these colorful Proform guards).

Football season is already underway in many areas, start protecting your patients now!