Mouthguard Season is Almost Here!

Mouthguard season is almost upon us and American Dental can help you protect your patient’s dentition! 21-013_assorted

We offer ProForm mouthguard laminates that are easily vacuum formed to provide a properly fitted, custom appliance for your patient. They are a great product to market your practice. Vacuum-Former-&-Dome Show Above: Vacuum Former (#21-095) & Air Pressure Dome (#21-098).

A vacuum former is used with all materials to form custom appliances. When used in conjunction with a pressure dome, appliance adaptation improves and allows for the fabrication of custom laminates with distinctive graphics. The pressure dome is ideal for thicker materials as well. 21-960_aqua_right

Shown Above: Electronic Micro Torch (#21-960).

Help your patients keep track of their mouthguard by attaching a mouthguard strap to your custom formed mouthguard with a micro torch. The micro torch allows you to feather the edges of laminates to provide a smooth professional finish.

Want more information on how to create a custom mouthguard? Check out Practice Tips #47 for complete instructions of custom forming mouthguards including adding your own graphics.


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