American Dental Supports Humanitarian Efforts in Costa Rica

American Dental Accessories, Inc. recently had the privilege of supporting a humanitarian trip to Costa Rica. Dr. Gayle Fletcher of Willis, TX and Dr. Tommy Murph of Myrtle Beach, SC along with a third instructor brought 9 dentists for a 4 day continuing education (CE) course on tooth extraction. The course was conducted from July 4 through July 8. Each participant received 30 hours of AGD approved CE credit. The 9 dentists of varying backgrounds came from all over the United States. Individual experience varied from just a few years to decades in practice. Impoverished citizens of Costa Rica benefited from the experience of the instructors and careful administration of the students. Over 170 patients of all ages were treated. Extractions performed ranged from simple to complex including many impacted third molars. The panoramic X-ray below is one of the more complex cases that was handled during the course. Impacted Third Molars A Complex Case Handled on the Trip Additionally, many patients received restorations and benefited from other dental procedures. Helping out the 3 instructors and 9 enrolled dentists, there were 5 volunteers who served as assistants, sterilization technicians, and interpreters. Along with various sundries, American Dental Accessories, Inc. donated a selection of highspeed handpieces including one Surgical Solution 45 degree handpiece for use by the dentists in performing their procedures. Along with the course, each enrolled dentist received a brand new American Dental Accessories 301 elevator to add to their instrumentarium and received post-CE specials on the purchase of additional instruments including the Surgical Solution handpiece. In addition to 22 hours of hands-on field work, there were 14 hours of lecture covering various techniques such as flap construction, sutures, anesthesia, and managing various complications that can arise. Instruction on 301 Dr. Fletcher On Surgical Flap In between periods of instruction, everyone was able to enjoy many of the diversions available in Costa Rica -- snorkeling, sight-seeing the beautiful flora and fauna, or just relaxing by the pool of their 4 star hotel. In fact, there were so many things to do, a few of the participating dentists extended their stay beyond the 4 course days and stretched it into a vacation. Sunset Over the Ocean Sunset Over the Ocean in Costa Rica Local Wildlife Some of the local wildlife Another trip/CE course is planned for the near future (likely fall 2011), please e-mail us your contact information if you’d like to receive updates from the instructors on the next course as well as enrollment information.


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