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Dentist Upgrades Operatory and Saves!

This photo shows how one of our customers (name withheld by request) was able to upgrade an operatory and still save. He used a Beaverstate control head to retrofit into his cabinet replacing an aged a-dec unit.

This Beaverstate Control Head is right at home

The new Beaverstate unit features smooth lines for easy cleaning. We also configured the unit with fibre optics, a self-contained water system, and assistant’s vacuum valves (HVE and SE).

By using a self-contained water system the doctor can control his water quality. Using the system as the only source of water also saved money as he didn’t need to purchase a water master valve.

This doctor shows that you don’t need to invest in a whole operatory of equipment to update your office. With American Dental Accessories, Inc. you can make small changes to individual components and still improve your practice.

Got a project you’d like to share? How about a unit you’ve installed? Maybe just a couple photos of an op freshened up by simply installing new tubing? Tells us about it! Send your photos and stories to DIYDENTIST@amerdental.com and receive $25 American Dental Reward Dollars*.