4 Tips to Get a Jump on 2020!

As we start 2020, American Dental Accessories wanted to help you get your practice off to a great start. Below are four of our top tips from 2019 that exemplify what American Dental Accessories and Practice Tips can do for you. Through our acclaimed Practice Tips newsletter, American Dental Accessories can help you maintain and repair your equipment without hiring outside technicians. This can help you minimize downtime and boost your bottom line.

We also have skilled technicians and helpful service available at no charge, at our toll free number. We are here to help you!

PT #116: The Mystical Magical Manual Shut-off

This versatile plumbing fixture isn’t just under your bathroom sink — it’s all over your dental office, proving an incredibly versatile part. Learn more about this fantastic fitting!

PT #114: Replacing a Broken Coupler

Do you have this under your unit? Read on to find out how to replace this broken piece with a more effective brass connector!

PT #117: Are You Hearing This?

Your hearing is important. Noise from your handpieces could be damaging your ears. We explain how you can protect your hearing!

PT #118: All About Amalgam Separators

With the EPA deadline looming, do you know all your options for compliant amalgam separation? Read more about the changes and how they affect your practice.


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